lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

In memory of Mr Tommaso Padoa Schioppa

I would like to dedicate this post in memory of Mr Tommaso Padoa Schioppa former Italian Finance Minister. I would like to remember, going beyond any political consideration, an extremely serious and professional man. It should be important to think about this because in these recent times these qualities (expertize, coherence, etc.) are very scarce resources in the italian political scenario. Maybe, I should say that italian politician today consider very negatively these qualities.

When considering how many soubrettes have become ministers or MPs, how many arrogant bootlickers are crowding italian politics, how many cheaters have become supermanagers, Mr Padoa Schioppa seems to belong to another era.

Similarly, in these years in which anyone is doing only his own business, in which cheats and bribes are considered normal expression in the management of public and private affairs, in which good sense and the respect of the law are so unpopular, Mr Padoa Schioppa's views seem to be so remote! A large majority of italians disliked his measures when he was minister just because he tried to oppose to these italian vices. When in the future a severe change in italian politics and economy will be necessary, probably it will be necessary to consider again what Mr Padoa Schioppa tried to do.

Surely one can criticize Mr Padoa Schioppa when he was Minister but no one can say that he was an incapable minister, a bootlicker, a dummy, a mere order executor.

For this reason, I think that this is a severe loss for Italy: we have lost not only an important economist (he had a relevant estimation and respect at international level) but also a concrete example of coherence and honesty.

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