martedì 12 maggio 2009

The "young farmer toolkit"

Despite the governmental optimistic proclamations inspired to the motto "everything is alright", I'm continuing in reporting rather dramatic experiences of increasing unemployment and above all young people with no opportunity to find a job.

I believe that, for many points of view, also considering the less expensive and simpler life in the country, many rural areas may offer many job opportunities often ignored or not fully considered.

I hope to do something useful highlighting all the job opportunities I can find for rural areas: it means agricultural activities, bed&breakfasts, small rural hospitality and restaurant activities, handicraft, social services, gardening, etc.

Today I point out the possibility to become a farmer.

The Italian National Rural Network has created a "Young farmer toolkit" ("Cassetta degli attrezzi del giovane imprenditore agricolo") where it is possible to find useful info about incentives, masters, training activities, hot to start activities in agriculture, to create a cooperative to provide social service in rural areas, etc.

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