giovedì 7 maggio 2009

Freedom House: Press Freedom at Risk in Italy

The independent nongovernmental organization Freedom House has recently released its 2009 report on the state of presse freedom worldwide.

According to Freedom House for the first time Israel, Italy and Hong Kong lose free status. In particular "(Europe) continues to boast the world's highest level of press freedom. However, Italy slipped back into the Partly Free category with free speech limited by courts and libel laws, increased intimidation of journalists by organized crime and far-right groups, and concerns over the concentration of media ownership".

Furthermore: "Declines in Israel, Italy and Taiwan illustrate that established democracies with traditionally open media are not immune to restricting media freedom".

From the data presented in the report Italy detains a 32 ranking value and a 2009 rating of 73, it means worse than Namibia, Guyana, Benin...

Italy is placed at the bottom of Western Europe ranking just before Turkey...

Freedom House's press release on 2009 report can be found here
Charts can be found here
Tables can be found here

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