mercoledì 6 maggio 2009

Environmental Mafia Crimes in Italy: "Ecomafia Report 2009"

Family affaires of well known italian politicians are diverting us from really important political issues. It is thus important to focus our attention on serious topics.

Legambiente, an Italian Environmental Association and Movement, has recently released its annual report Ecomafia in Italia 2009 (in italian) about Mafia's criminal activities in waste management and other environmental areas.

This is, as usual, a critical tool to have an overview about what is going on in Italy about these issues, facts and figures about Mafia's criminal business in environmental devastation and the perverse links between corrupt politicians and criminals.

"Ecomafia 2009 tells an entire year through facts and figures of environmental crimes: illegal waste management, construction abuses, cheated contracts, illegal animal trafficking, archaeo-mafia, agro-mafia, forests' fires, and so on. There is however something sure in all this: Mafia in environment never sleeps and never copes with crises..." (translated from the preface)

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