lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

The sainthood of Kateri Tekakwitha

I don't know how to interpret the sainthood of Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Mohawk Indian to become saint. What can I say about it?
Well, I have to say that the only idea I've in mind with regards to this is that it should be rather necessary to remember and not-forget, those Indians who, even in recent times have been persecuted and killed because they refused to renounce to their original traditional cults. Similarly it should be necessary not to forget those who were victims of forced conversions of any kind in all the continents and ages. In particular it should be necessary to remeber our victims of the Church or those who here in Italy in the past refused to accept the new religion: they all were physically cancelled and removed by history.
These men and, above all, women have been killed and forgetten because they refused religious intollerance, fanaticism and severity: they were the first victims whose sacrifice is also aggravated by the present ignorance about this terrible component of our history.
About this genocide, massacre and mass murder we still have limited information: we know very little about the number of people killed during those conversion times.

So, I want to say that while in Vatican they are still celebrating this sanctification, I think that we free people should use this occasion to remember martyrs and victims of monoteism everywhere in every age and of any kind.
American Indians and our Ancestors warmly thank you all.

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