lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Being a priest as a job

September in these days is giving us very pleasant evenings: it's a great pleasure sitting under an olive tree  discussing with some firends, drinking a glass of wine with a fresh air of the evening at the sunset. These conversations may become the occasion to exchange ideas, suggestions and thoughts.

Last evening I was discussing with some friends about the absolute lack of opportunities for young people in Italy: they not only find severe difficulties in finding a job but also in having the possibility to show their talents and individual skills. The destruction of the education and university system, the presence of a corrupt political class have created a "desert". The first rather obvious reply to this desert could be leaving Italy not only to find a job to also to find a consideration for his own skills living in a normal country.

Nonetheless this desert and absolute lack of opportunity could make the possibility to become a priest a viable solution in finding a job in Italy. This crisis and recession (which in Italy are likely to show severe implications for the presence of high corruption in politics) may render the vocation for the priesthood a possibile way out from unemployment in Italy.

Young men/women: cannot find a job? Become a priest or a nun. Why not?

The italian political class is thus driving us back to the XV century when a lot of people decided to become a priest to escape poverty as is presently happening in many developing countries.  When you have no alternatives, you may become a priest.

Surely, this is a paradox, but just thinking it over, it could be something quite realistic: the crisis in the religious vocations in the catholic church in Italy is a real "open door" for the future. We should develop a sort of "vocation index" to verify these trends in the future.

Being a priest means having a good job. If something goes bad, you risk to be sent in some ghetto in a big city with criminals, pushers, prostitutes and drugs addicts. But nobody can force you the stay there. If everything goes well, you may be sent in a parish in the country: good places, good people, good food. 

With regards to sex, well don't worry. We all know that it's not a serious problem...

Faith is not a problem just looking at the vatican hierarchy. So you can start as a simple priest, but the carrier may involve becoming a bishop or a cardinal.

And finally, there is also the risk to become the boss of the entire firm...

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