lunedì 16 luglio 2012

Cuts and research

The Italian Research Institute on Food and Nutrition has been cancelled as effect of the policy  of State budget cuts. This is an occasion to make some reflections.

With a simple mark on the budget plan the activities of an essential Institute has been cancelled, whose importance has been relevant to promote and support the Italian agrofood productions: skills, know how, expertises are now dispersed. All this is surely extremely critical.

Moreover, this measure evidences once again that in Italy, in the politicians' mind, research and innovation are considered as mere "costs" rather than investments. A cost is on the contrary the huge amount of money necessary to feed an indecent political class, an inefficient administrative apparatus and bureaucracy, unsustainable military expenses, nonsense infrastrucutres... Surely all this is not an investment.

The only way to gain few coins is to push the educational and research systems to a definitive collapse.

Only these indecent politicians cannot understand that the only possibility to restructure our economy is focused on education, research, creativity and innovation. These politicians are driving this country to a complete ignorance as government tool, maintaining the current status quo and letting the worst aspects of  italian politics of the last decades come back again.

I'm still wonder how all this can be possible...

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