martedì 24 luglio 2012

A stolen democracy

The most devastating aspect of the recent crisis is not the high level in the spread value, the instability in the financial markets or the weakness of the bank system. These are critical problems: nothing to say. But this is missing the point.

The problem is that we "common people"  are likely to do nothing to make the things changed. We are just victims wihtout any possibility to modify the status quo or to stop this reiterated social robbery. Politics seem to be ineffective. No one seems capable to reverse this tragedy. We can only wait while someone else is speculating on people's lifes, jobs, fates. The problem is that all this is made by someone, somewhere with no rule, no respect, no law. No democratic political entity is really deciding the fate of a nation, but something anonymous: somewhere, nowhere.

This anonymous kind of finance cannot decide the fate of a nation, a community even a single person. The work dignity can be considered as a number by financial speculation.

So governments are progressively losing their legitimacy together with the sense of democracy.

But I wonder: who is responsible for this? In Italy many responsibilities are biased on an inefficient and criminal political class which today is paradoxically considering itself as a remedy for the deseases it has caused in the past.

Italian political parties have heavily contributed to the present condition of stolen democracy in Italy. Banks and finance (and mafia) are ruling here. This political class is completely useless in the present global scenario: its role has been eroding day by day. These individuals have no skills, non capabilities, no willingness to deal with the present problems: so why should we give the responsibility to face the current situation to those have caused such a crisis?

We need completely different people, different rules, different ideas to start again otherwise sooner or later the Mongolian Stock exchange will sweep away the whole italian economy and politics...

A debt resulting from a cheat is not a debt but a theft.

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