giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Italian scandals

The italian prime minister is presently at the center of many scandals involving girls and parties. Recently, during an international fair has made some declarations against judges, women and, above all, gays ("It's better to have a passion for beautiful girls than to be gay." he said).

In my opinion it surely a particularly negative thing that a prime minister publicly can make such declarations: but i think that the worst thing is that he have made these declarations and nobody in that occasion replied anything.

The problem is not a man saying stupid words but the silence and the applauses of the participants. No one has said a word.

Of course immediately a wave of indignation has invaded newspapers, magazines and TV programs. But nobody still shows the courage to express his dissension and disapproval directly in his audience.

Bootlickers or concordants? This is the problem.

In my vision, that melodrama could be considered a representation of the italian society as a whole. Mr Berlusconi after all still maintains a large consensus among italians (even if not publicly exposed) because in many italians' visions he stimulate envy. This explains the silence, applause and smiles among the fair participants.

Italy has thus confirmed again to be an archaic nation where a vulgar society can be represented only by a vulgar political class.

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