lunedì 12 luglio 2010

Summer Evasions

Finally, summer has arrived! Me and my family, like many other italians, every time we can in the weekends decide to go to the seaside. At lunch time, together with other thousand people, we go to a bar to get a coffe or an ice cream: in the evening a pizza for dinner and an iced beer... The common situation is however that is impossible to have a fiscal invoice due by law.

If you try to say something like "sorry, may I have the fiscal invoice?" he/she in the bar or in the restaurant or in the pizzeria becomes suddenly angry with a facial expression like "Bloody asshole!!" It is clear enough that after this request it will be better not to go again in that bar, pub, pizzeria, ristorante.... Never again... The problem is the terrible silence around you: nobody finds it strange, nobody supports you...

This is to say that fiscal evasion is Italy is extremely rooted and universally accepted as normal. It is considered "not-normal" to protest for your right or for the respect of the law.

One can surely say that this is too exaggerated. Maybe! But believe me: what once was made in the shade and in silence now in Italy is made at the "sunlight" and if you protest the problem is "you"...

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