mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

A country of Tax evaders

I here enclose the full text of an interesting article, from the newsletter "Il Foglietto" of the italian organization "Usi Rdb Ricerca" (my english translation), about a survey on tax evasion in Italy. Considering the date reported below I actually wonder: what kind of economic development Italy is presently fostering? Can someone label all this "economic development"?

In Italy tax evasion is soaring. Italy confirms to be the european top class country for tax evasion thanks to a 51,2% percentage of not declared incomes. During the first 10 months in 2009, tax evasion increased of 11,7% reaching the amount of 369 bls € per year. 144 bls € is the amount of value subtracted to public budget per year. These data result from a survey made by KRLS Network of Business Ethics for the Association of the Italian Taxpayers on the base of the information provided by the european tributary police services.

In the list of tax evasion, Italy is followed by Romania (42,4% percentage of not declared incomes), Bulgaria (39,3%), Estonia (37,2%), Slovakia (34,5%).

In Italy, the main sectors of tax evasion are industry, bank, insurance, trade, crafts and professional activities.

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