venerdì 1 agosto 2008


This month was in the past named “Sextilis” because it was the 6th month in the Ancient Calendar (which begins in March) of the Roman King Numa. It was then named August to celebrate the coronation of Octavianus Augustus as first Roman Emperor. Sextilis is the month of harvest and conservation of what has been cultivated: this month is dedicated to Diana who represents the female side of Apollo and constitutes an aspect of the Great Mother Cibele. Diana is named as “always distant” and embodies the spirit of mountains, forests and savage sites. She has a typical dance, the “ridda”, which can be danced only by women within the forests (all the forests are sacred placed and dedicated to Diana). She protects forest trees and wild animals but she hunts them in the night unifying in this way the symbols of life and death. Sacred animals to Diana are: quail, lion, bear, deer and hunting dog. Her physical manifestation is the Moon symbolically represented by the bow she always carries.

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