mercoledì 7 maggio 2008

Janus: the beginning

With this title, I try to give a start to this little space for an exchange of opinions and visions to new and alternative ideas related to a different way to be a “society”. In these quite depressing years during which arrogance, prevarication, dishonesty, fraud and corruption seem to be to only tools to survive, sometimes one may have the impression to be alone and lag behind. I hope that this website can give space to those having something to say, above all (but not only) from the scientific world, and share their positive experiences in order to re-construct models and path of a really civil living-together. Models of alternative economics, different life-styles, constructive and sustainable ties with the environment are thus welcome in this site. The name “Arvalia” has not been casually chosen: it describes the concept of solidarity, tradition, religiosity (Dea Dia) and ties with Nature in a broader sense, This doesn’t mean to refer to spiritualism or asceticism: the focal point of the issue is to reconstruct “linkages” within a society which systematically disrupts any kind of relation and linkage. This implies a strong political, social ,environmental and economic commitment together with the reconstruction of those links between these dimensions and those of arts, culture, tradition, and also innovation and technologies.

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