venerdì 11 maggio 2012

When political myopia kills

The recent municipal elections in Italy have provided some critical directions. Many Italians have decided to vote protest candidates above all from the 5 Star Movement, founded by Beppe Grillo, a political satirist and blogger. Italian political parties have thus lost remarkable support in many cities but they still seem unable to understand such changes. They have no intention to change, non intention to understand, no intention to renounce to their privileges.

Even the highest State insitutions seem to share the same myopia confirming that italian politicians are unavoidably far away from the reality: they are unable to see and manage the change. This is an extremely serious negligence.

Some days ago I have seen on TV a press conference of a greek right wing party. I've been very impressed by it. We in Italy are channelling protests and dissent through a rational, democratic and peaceful movement which is only requring more direct civil participation.

Italian parties and politics are rebuffing such civil political expressions even more frustrating those Italians no longer available to stand sacrifices essentially to finance a parasitical political class. This political myopia could cause even more exasperation and irritation directing such pushes towards more extreme political groups: this is the worst hypotesis I can imagine.

The stupidity, greed, arrogance of the Italian political leaders have not only political, economic, social or ethic implications because they are destroying also the democratic spirit and the public institutions in this unlucky country, We have the responsibility to prevent such fate to be materialized. 

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