mercoledì 14 marzo 2012


In my recent posts I'm insisting on the issue "change". The reason is that I can't no longer stand this inertia: it's difficult for me to accept the data about unemployment among young people while Italian parties are stealing huge financial resources to the entire society. On the one hand we have a humus for a change (young people) while on the other hand we have italian political parties which are presently acting as a brake blocking ethic, social, economic progress in Italy. And, at present political parties are the undisputed winners in this contest.
Nonetheless, clear signs of the end of an age are evident enough: just thinking about the high prices for fuels which clearly evidence that the age of oil is near to an end. This decline should push us to imagine, design and implement a paradigm shift and a sudden change because "the new" surely will impose its role at any cost. But this is only one sign of the imminent and urgent change.

Italian society is likely to be unprepared to deal with any change and above all the italian political parties are unable to desing and implement any kind of future. They also show a clear unwillingness to prepare the future. They are relics of the past representing the sole real cause for the difficulties italian economy and society have to be competitive in the scenario of the globalization.

Italian politicians are discussing about the problem of how to create new jobs: but the real problem in Italy has not a technical or economic feature. If corruption, greed, fiscal evasion, illegality are not definitively removed any possible reform will be totally ineffective. The problem is to establish the rule of the law. But italian political parties are not interested in this issue: the result is an indecent political system without any kind of opposition.
Day after day, wider sectors of the italian society have to cope with a problem of "survival": the most common feeling is however the idea of "betrayal". It's a silent feeling but it's preogressively increasing its presence. We have been betrayed!

The only possibility is thus the opportunity to leave this country anchored to the past but with no chance for the future. It could be the same strategy adopted in East Germany at the end of the '80s: when people dediced to escape the GDR, they pushed the communist regime to the collapse.

Like in the USSR, bureaucracy, corruption and bad politicians are destroying all...

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