martedì 4 agosto 2009

A Sea of Cement...

While we are about to enjoy some summer vacation days, the sea of cement invading Italy never sleeps.

This is what is resulting from the first report of the National Observatory on Soil Consumption recently presented in Milan.

The scenario depicted in this report is rather discouraging above all because this barbaric urbanization should be considered as one of the most relevant problem hampering a substantial change toward a more sustainable local development.

Often, unfortunately, many local aadministrators in Italy consider construction sector as the simplest path to create jobs and to support local construction firms. They do not consider the huge economic and extra-economic costs of these choices in terms of moonlighting, devastation of evironmental resources, urbanization costs, speculations, landscape and environmental losses, impossibility to use territorial resources for other activities, etc. This sea of cement finally denounces the incapability to deal with the present economic crisis and recession.

More details about this report (in Italian) can be seen here.

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